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Updating Empty Spaces With a Rug

Spice up Empty Spaces with a Rug

Is there a room in your house that is missing that one crucial thing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Do you need an interesting focal point? Do you want to add warmth to your space? Or do you want to make a room look deceiving larger and brighter than it actually is?

Forget painting the walls, buying a new sofa or installing a new carpet…. A rug is often all you need!

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A rug will completely transform and revitalise any room and give it a new lease of life (without the hassle of completely redecorating!) Whether you are looking for a more traditional Persian style rug or a contemporary, more neutral rug, we at The London Persian Rug Company are sure to have something to fulfil your requirements.

Rugs can be great focal points, especially intricately decorated rugs as stocked here at The London Persian Rug Company. An empty floor space in front of a sofa, at the end of a bed or underneath a dining table can easily be revamped and improved using one of our vintage rugs.


Bright colours, patterns and textures featured in Persian rugs can really bring a space to life and they are sure to strike up a conversation in the home. However, choosing where to position your new rug in order to suit your room can be a difficult task- check out our recent post, ‘How to Position a Rug Within a Room?’ for some tips and advice.

If you want to add warmth to a space, a Persian rug is definitely your best bet. Persian rugs bring colours, excitement, interest and sheer beauty to any space.

They instantly transform their surroundings and give a warm and inviting feel that cannot be achieved through furniture and accessories alone. Our selection is ever-changing and each rug is completely unique.

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Making a room look bigger and brighter can be done with a lighter, more neutrally-designed rug. For hallways, you may want to purchase a runner to emphasise the space- read our previous post ‘Incorporating Runners into the Home’ for our expert advice.

Smaller rooms can be entirely transformed with the addition of a rug- bear in mind that if the rug is too small (or too large), your room will look out of proportion.

At The London Persian Rug Company, we provide a measuring and consultation service which is absolutely free of charge. We will visit the room, take the measurements, discuss the type of oriental rug which you like – then return with a large selection to let you try in situ.


We have a huge selection of large and oversized oriental and Persian carpets to choose from, so get in touch and one of the team will be delighted to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment in order to update your empty space.

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