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Advice 04.09.2017

Incorporating Runners Into The Home

Runners at Home

Runners are a great alternative to traditional carpets. They are perfect for perfect for hardwood or laminate hallways in need of softening, or for dark corridors needing a stylish and easy update.

At The London Persian Rug Company, we appreciate that there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a runner, whether it will be positioned up a grand staircase, positioned through the centre of a galley kitchen or along a corridor. We have compiled a list of things to ask yourself when incorporating runners into the home:

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Where should I position a runner?

If you have a particularly creaky staircase, a stair runner is a great way to keep the sound down and reduce the echo. In a corridor where people are constantly coming and going, a runner is great to prevent mucky footprints (or pawprints!) from being spread throughout the house.

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How durable should the runner be?

For runners in hallways or corridors, you must bear in mind that the rug will be subjected to frequent footfall and will therefore need to be extremely durable. Remember to rotate your runner every few months to allow evenly distributed wear. Choosing a rug made of extremely durable material, such as wool, will prolong its life. Wool rugs are also naturally very soft and easy to clean.

If your runner has one too many stubborn footprints, our sister company The Oriental Rug Repair Co. will be happy to help with their professional cleaning service. See our previous post on Oriental Rug Care and Repair to see how to prolong your runner’s lifespan.

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How decorative should the runner be?

Using runners to brighten up a dark corridor is a great way to improve the overall feel of your interior. Bare in mind that the rug should blend into a corridor and give the illusion of a bigger and brighter area, rather than make it feel cramped and dingy.

What style of Persian runner should I choose?

Stay away from plain patterns and choose a bold, vibrant runner in a small space to add colour and excitement. If you have minimalist walls, a highly-decorative Persian runner will look great and will really emphasise the space. In a kitchen, you should choose a runner with darker colours to ensure any visible stains are kept to a minimum!

The London Persian Rug Company offer a number of Persian runners that will improve and emphasise a space. For more information, a home trial or a free measuring service, please do get in touch.

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