Can I visit the stock locations?

Yes, we encourage all our clients to visit us in person so that you can see the incredible range and variety of our collections. There is no substitute for seeing and feeling a hand-woven Oriental rug in person, and there is no one better to gauge what will work in a home than its owner! We are open five days a week, with evening and weekend appointments available to suit your schedule.

Do you have a shop in Central London?

No. Part of our ethos at the London Persian Rug Co. is to directly source the finest handmade Oriental carpets and rugs for our clients, without you having to pay a premium for the service. We import directly from our weavers to our warehouses, ensuring the best and fairest deal for everyone.

What should I bring with me to view rugs?

If you feel able to measure the dimensions of the room in which your rug will go, then we suggest bringing these with you, plus the minimum and maximum width, as well as the minimum and maximum length of your desired rug. This will give our interior consultants a good sense of what piece will work best in the space.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Booking an appointment ensures that we have the assistance on hand necessary to open the rugs for viewing. Oriental rugs are heavy things and need manpower to lift and position. We have a skilled team in our warehouse who are on hand to assist with this, but need to ensure there is only one appointment at a time so that we can provide the focussed service we like to offer each client.

Can I see the rug at home?

Yes, there is no substitute for seeing the rug in its proper context, and we suggest all our carpets and rugs are viewed in situ before purchase. After choosing a selection of favourites our showrooms, we will bring the rugs to you at a time of your choosing so that you can experience them in the familiar surroundings of home before making a final choice. Once decided, our fitters will cut underlay, place the rug in its ideal position, and return the room to its ideal state.