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Making a Bold Statement Using a Rug

Make a bold statement with a rug

It’s common to want to add decorative interest in your home in some way. You might do this through a feature walls, patterned wallpaper, bright accessories… or a beautiful Persian rug!
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At The London Persian Rug Company, we think that there is no better way to inject a splash of colour into a room than with a rug– they have the potential to bring a room together and become the ultimate design statement, without even having to get out your paintbrushes!

We believe that making a statement with a rug depends on how you want your room to look and most importantly, how you want it to feel.

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Do you want a cosy, inviting space where the family can chill out on the sofa? Or do you want a clean, minimalist feel throughout your home? Or perhaps a colourful and vibrant children’s playroom?

If you want a cosy and warm feel in your space, think about introducing one of the Persian rugs available here into your home. With their striking colours and rich heritage, each rug tells us a story, as if a piece of artwork, and will really bring a room together.

A Persian rug makes a particularly bold statement against a neutral design palette. However, the versatility of these beautiful rugs makes them fit into the majority of design schemes – modern, contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, traditional… you name it!


If you want something soft and luxurious under foot, then consider the classic and humble Persian Tabriz rug. These are perfect for placing in front of a roaring fire on cosy evenings.

Those who prefer a minimalist decor should take a look at some of our contemporary-styled Persian rugs. ‘Persian’ doesn’t necessarily mean contrasting colours and bold patterns… take a look for yourself. Simple shapes and neutral colours are just as striking as bold rugs and still have the potential to become the centrepiece of your room.

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It can be quite difficult to envisage how your chosen rug will look in your home – luckily, we’re here to help! It’s never been easier to choose a rug that will suit your space with our Home Trial Service.

At The London Persian Rug company, we stock a huge variety of rugs to suit all tastes (and not just traditional Persian rugs!) which can be brought into your home for you to try out in your rooms and see if they will work for you and your family. If it doesn’t work for you, we will take it back – it’s really as simple as that.

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