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Advice 06.07.2017

The Room-Sized Persian Rug

Room-Sized Persian Rug

Choosing which rug to place in your room is often daunting matter to consider. There are many things that should be taken into consideration; the style, the colour and most importantly, the shape and size of a rug.

Here at The London Persian Rug Company we are often asked the question “which size of rug do I need?”

As a general rule of thumb, rugs should be kept in proportion with the size of the room. If the rug is too big, the room may feel uninviting, however if the rug is too small, it may look out-of-place.

That is why we love a room-sized rug as it provides an overall luxurious and plush feel; it provides warmth, decorative interest, style and most importantly it takes away the complication of knowing where you should place your furniture in relation to the rug. All furniture is placed upon the rug which visually unifies the room.

In the living room, where furniture often floats in the middle or outskirts of a room, the room-sized Persian rug should be well positioned. You should ensure that there is a slight border revealing the floor underneath the rug to prevent a cramped feel.

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In a dining room, typically your furniture will cover the centre of the room-sized rug. Due to this, it is especially important to choose a rug that has an interesting border as this is the exposed area.

The vibrant colours of a rug should not disway clients from choosing a room-sized rug. Although neutral furnishings and colour palettes do work incredibly well with the Persian rugs in particular, the colours in them often complement other furnishings rather than clash with them.

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To ensure that clients choose the correct size rug in their home, we offer a complimentary measuring and Home Trial Service which allows clients to trial-run a variety of rugs. This takes the pressure off ‘making the right choice’ and allows clients to choose the correct colour, style and size after having experienced it.

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