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How to position a rug within a room?

Positioning a Rug in a Room

Every stylish room should have a rug, whether it may be a traditional Persian style or a more contemporary style.

The positioning of any rug in a room is incredibly important; the correct positioning has the ability bring an entire room together. A rug should always complement the furnishings, accessories and colours in a room in order to seamlessly blend the interior.

The placement of a rug in a room is dependent on two things; the size of the room and the positioning of the furniture.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, ‘The Room-Sized Persian Rug’, the size of a rug should ideally be kept in proportion with the size of the room. We offer a variety of different sized rugs that will fit into any space. Following this rule, a larger room should have a larger rug. This does not necessarily have to be an extravagant room-sized rug; a rug big enough to create an interesting focal point is just as good.

Here are our top tips for positioning a rug room-by-room:

How to position a rug within a sitting room?

You may choose to cluster your furniture around the rug, with sofas surrounding it on either side in front of a fireplace, perhaps.

Ensure that the rug is wider than the furniture to accentuate the space. In the centre of a larger room, this creates a cosy atmosphere and will encourage guests and families to sit down together

Interior Designer and founder of Etons of Bath Sarah Latham kindly gave us her expert advice for positioning rugs. “Many of the properties we work with are Georgian and traditionally feature stone or wood floors fully exposed or with a loose floor covering to add colour, texture and softness. It can be tempting to leave a beautiful floor fully exposed and often this is the right thing to do. However, in a drawing room the addition of a rug can make a huge difference. It can be used to zone a seating area or to consolidate a colour scheme.”

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How to position a rug within a dining room?

In a dining room, the table and chairs should sit comfortably on top of the rug, even when the chairs are pulled out.

The centre of the rug will be obscured so ensure that the border of the rug is intricately decorated as this is the area that guests will see the most.

How to position a rug within a bedroom?

In a bedroom, a rug will make the room feel plush, as if staying in a luxury hotel. You may choose to place two rugs at either side of bed so that there is comfort underfoot; if so, ensure that both rugs are the same style or colour.

Placing them symmetrically will also visually enhance the space. Positioning your rug at the end of the bed will extend the comfort of your bed to the rest of the room and give the illusion of a larger space.

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How to position a rug in a bathroom?

In a more unusual space, such a bathroom or a kitchen, a rug will soften the hard floors and they are a great way to add texture and colour to a neutrally decorated space.

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How to position a rug in Kitchen?

A runner may work well in a galley kitchen or alongside the cabinets. It is important to choose an incredibly durable antique rug and perhaps one less susceptible to drawing attention to any spillages; a Persian rug would work well here.

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Here at The London Persian Rug Company we have a vast selection of Persian rugs for every room, you can take a look at our collection here.

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