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Oriental Rug Care and Repair

Rug Care and Repair

Handmade Oriental rugs are the highest-quality rugs on the market. With quality, comes durability; your rug has been created using the finest craftsmanship to ensure that it will last for decades.

However, if your rug does get damaged in anyway, our sister company, The Oriental Rug Repair Co. can help (even if you think your rug is beyond repair!). No job is too little or too small for the carpet repairers, who each have over 25 years experience. The Oriental Rug Repair Co.  offers free UK uplift and delivery, stain removal and a professional repair and restoration service.

It is beneficial to take proper care of your rug in order to enhance its natural splendour and prolong its lifespan. Following these simple steps will ensure that your rug will age beautifully and gracefully:

Rotate your rug regularly

Although the change will not be sudden, exposing your rug to direct sunlight for a prolonged time will fade the natural colouring and damage the pile. If the sunlight cannot be avoided, be sure to rotate the rug regularly to ensure that the colours fade subtly and prevent patchy colouration.

If the rug is in an area with high traffic (in a hallway for example), rotate it every few months to allow evenly distributed wear.

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Avoid spillages

Unfortunately spillages are inevitable. If a spillage does occur, speed is definitely of the essence. If possible, do not allow spillages to sink into the rug. You should use salt or baking soda to blot (not scrub or wipe) the stain- take a cold dampened cloth and apply a generous amount of salt or baking soda to the entire stain. This will neutralise most everyday stains. Allow this to soak for a few hours, then vacuum and repeat these steps.

For stubborn or larger stains contact us at The London Persian Rug Company for advice.

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Vacuum your rug regularly

Over time, dust will gather and become embedded in the foundations of the rug. To ensure that this does not affect the quality and design of the rug, one should lay the rug face-down and vacuum the back of it so that the dust will shake out onto the floor. Then, fold back and vacuum the dust off the floor. Do this at least once per year, or even more in a heavy footfall area. Be sure to avoid vacuuming the rug fringes.

Get your rug professionally cleaned

Do not attempt to deep-clean your rug yourself as there is a huge risk of causing damage, especially to fragile rugs. Instead, get it professionally cleaned every 5 or so years. The Oriental Rug Repair Co. Ltd offers a nationwide traditional Persian rug cleaning service, from small fireside Oriental rugs to large room-sized Persian carpets. Their cleaning service gently penetrates deep into the pile of the rug, extracting dust and rejuvenating the wool/silk to bring back a soft, luxurious feel.

Do you have luxury rugs that needs repairing? Then feel free to get in touch with The Oriental Rug Repair Co.

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