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Persian Rugs – Mixing the old with the new

Persian Rugs: Old with the New

Mixing the old and the new is a trend which is continually flourishing, thanks to brave Interior Designers introducing antiques and vintage furniture into contemporary properties.

Although perhaps in theory difficult to pull off, mixing the old and new is actually incredibly simple.

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Sticking to one style of Interior Design can often be incredibly boring, but the addition of contrasting elements can create an exciting and engaging aesthetic

Introducing a Persian rug into a room will create a striking and vivid contrast. The true beauty of a Persian rug is not it’s design, weave or pattern, but the fact that it is so incredibly versatile.  

Whether you have a period property with traditional interior or a contemporary property with minimalist design features, a Persian rug is sure to fit right in.


Each handmade Persian rug has it’s own character – each design is unique and it really adds to the personality of a room.

With historic roots and a sense of character that a contemporary, mass-made rug cannot provide, it’s no wonder that people are being lured through their charm and durability, regardless of their style of interior.

A Persian rug is imperative in unifying a room, adding a sense of cosiness and calmness into a room which is missing that one vital thing.

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Image Source: Studio McGee

Rather than a mismatched room full of junk, it’s important to incorporate numerous styles of furniture and trends into a room in order to create an elegant balance.

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Image Source: My Domaine Home

People are starting to realise that a room really comes together when it looks like time and effort has gone into its design, as if it has evolved over many years, with a mixture of furniture from varying eras. A leather or antique chair reupholstered in a contemporary fabric will create a wonderful contrast.

It’s important to make sure that your room does not become too fussy with mismatched furnishings. It’s recommended that you stick to the ‘rule of three’ – with a maximum of three styles of furniture.

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Image Source: Charlotte Minty

If you’re looking to mix the old and the new in your property, get in touch with The London Persian Rug Company who can help you find the perfect luxury rug for your room and click here to view our collections.

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