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Advice 17.11.2017

Choosing Accessories and Furniture to Complement Your Rug

Complementing Your Rug with Accessories

Choosing accessories and furniture in a room can be an incredibly tricky and time-consuming process.
You might find yourself wondering, where do I start? Well, The London Persian Rug Company are here to help you!

We recommend that you start from the floor and work your way upwards.

Although choosing accessories and furniture is perhaps sometimes instinctive and based on personal preference, it’s process which must be thoroughly thought about and planned out in order to really enhance your space.

It’s helpful to choose your furniture and accessories around the colours present in your rug. The rug is often the focal point of a room due to its sheer size, bold colours and patterned design.

You can pick out the accent colours in your rug, such as red or blue, and base your choice of accessories and furniture on these main colours.

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Perfectly-placed accessories can make a significant difference to the personality of a room – it can instantly feel more welcoming and cosier.

For a heavily-patterned rug, choose accent colours to match artwork, wall colours or accessories. Having similar colours dotted around the room will make the rug blend in effortlessly.

Accessories speak volumes about our character and personal taste. Adding personal touches, such as pictures, candles and flowers, will instantly make a house feel like a home.

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Mirrors are incredibly useful in smaller rooms, or in rooms where there is little natural light. They create the illusion of a larger, brighter space. It’s important to choose a style and size which is in keeping with the rest of your room – you don’t want to dwarf a room with an unnecessarily large mirror!

Cushions and other soft furnishings are a great way to inject a splash of colour into your room. Choosing bold colours which are also present in your rug can tie a room together brilliantly and will complement your rug, without much effort.


Your choice of furniture is very much dependent upon the use of your room. If you are kitting out a living space, furniture should be durable and be sure to stand the test of time.

Although practicality is important, your personal style should be reflected in the piece of furniture that you choose. However, ensure that you don’t follow trends and fabrics that you will want to replace in a few months time!

Be wise about your choices and think of your furniture as an investment, just as you would when purchasing one of our Persian rugs.

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Mix up the styles, colours and material of furniture to add interest and prevent the room from becoming boring. Don’t be afraid of potential colour clashes – the beauty of a Persian rug is that is matches pretty much anything, in any style of interior!

Something eclectic with intricate detailing will make your room exciting and will certainly complement your rug. Contemporary side tables can work well with larger, classic objects and an antique Persian rug. This juxtaposition adds to the decorative interest.

If you need help in choosing a luxury rug, whether it may be a more contemporary style or an antique Persian rug, we can help you choose the right rug for your room, furnishings and accessories. If you’re not sure if it will work in your house, we offer a home trial service where you can give it a test-run! If it’s not for you, then don’t worry – we’ll take it back and help you on your search for the perfect rug.


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