Large Persian Carpet
Advice 01.06.2017

Buying a Large Persian Carpet – measuring and size

Buying a Large Persian Carpet: Guide

So you’ve got a large drawing room, living room space, open planned sitting space or just a large space that needs a floor covering. So what do you do? What size of rug do you choose? Which shape? What design – not too busy right as it’ll clash with everything (a common misconception!).

Well don’t stress too much, we do this everyday and we’d be delighted to help – even if its just some friendly advice. Fitting a large or room sized oriental carpet is not an exact science so do take your time – it’s worth getting it right. After all, if you buy a high good quality oriental rug, the chances are it will last a very long time.

Size is the first question and yes, size really does matter. It’s so easy to overwhelm a room with too much Persian rug, similarly it’s an easy mistake to try placing a small rug in a large room which ultimately just looks lost – smothered by a coffee table on top or just losing a pretty rug in too much floor space. In a big room it really is easy to make an oriental rug look like a postage stamp. Positioning, shape, tone and placement is key.

It’s also worth remembering that in our shop or retail space oriental carpets and rugs do tend to look smaller than they actually are. We often hear clients say ‘that is the right size for our room – I think’ and when we visit to measure, the size required is really actually much smaller. So again, take your time, measure the room and measure the main pieces of furniture – it’s all about the preparation!

If it’s all just a little too much for you and the mere thought of deciding whether to square up the vintage rug on the fireplace or chandelier sends you into a deep sleep – then leave it to us. We provide a measuring and consultation service which is absolutely free of charge. We will visit the room, take the measurements, discuss the type of oriental rug which you like – then return with a large selection to let you try in situ.

We have a huge selection of large and over sized oriental and Persian carpets to choose from, so get in touch and one of the team will be delighted to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment.

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