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Style 19.05.2017

The Resurrection of Antique Persian Rugs

Resurrecting Antique Persian Rugs

We have been supplying fine Antique and new oriental carpets rugs and runners to our clients across London and the UK for many years. It has however, only been in the last five or so years that we have began to see interior designers and home owners actively seek ‘vintage’ or antique/old Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs.

So what do we think is the reason for this?

Well, lets firstly look at interiors buying trends over the recent years. Designers and so forth like really like rustic, old, used, damaged, weathered or aged furniture. Why? Because in today’s more environmentally conscious world, people like to re-use rather than replace. Ask any 20-30 year old if they would like a vintage chair from their grandparents for their super modern apartment and it’s likely they will say yes – 10 or years ago this was far from the case.

Whilst Antique Persian and Oriental rugs have been an interior designer, stately home owner or Victorian townhouse dwellers standard floor covering for many years, the vintage/antique or semi-antique rug market has become incredibly buoyant. Our clients often ask us where our Antique oriental rugs came from, how old are they, what were they made of or where have they spent most of their lives? Whilst we do our best to answer as much as we can, there’s one simple rationale for the recent demand in antique rugs – they look incredible.

An Oriental or Persian rug is the essence of the interior. Whether you have a Victorian or Edwardian, high ceiling townhouse, a luxury West London penthouse apartment or simply an open space crying out for a Persian rug – an Antique rug will almost certainly work in any setting. Their muted vegetable dyed, often sun bleached condition often adds to their authenticity an attractiveness. Muted, mellow and subtle colours fight for prominence over often intricate hand crafted detail. There really is very few spaces that one of our Antique/Vintage collection won’t work.

We have been supplying some of the finest Antique and new Oriental and Persian carpets, rugs and runners for many years. Our unrivaled collection is eclectic, sophisticated and we genuinely have something for every room on size and colour. For more information, a home trial or a free measuring service, please do get in touch


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