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Discover 04.12.2020

The Overdye – Modern Take on a Persian Classic

The Overdye: Modern Persian Classic

Overdye rugs are a contemporary take on an ancient art form. The name ‘overdye’ refers to a technique of fading and dyeing a traditional Persian rug to create a freshly coloured, textured ground. A balanced blend of dyes are worked into the Persian rug creating an entirely new look. A vibrant, upcycled rug then takes the place of an outmoded antique. 

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A beautiful marriage of the traditional craft of Persian weaving and the daring colour combinations of the modern era, an overdyed rug brings you the best of both worlds. Highly sought after by interior designers for the stellar presence they bring to a room, an overdyed Persian rug is the ultimate modern interpretation of an Oriental antique.

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Sought after for their subtle patterns and vibrant colourways, overdyed rugs are modern vintage pieces which retain their traditional roots. Our artisan partners use dye to update a traditional color scheme to a more monotone, on-trend palette, reviving a traditional hand-knotted Persian rug into something with a contemporary edge.

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There are two styles of Overdye rug. Those which are given a new coat of dye leaving the original pattern still faintly visible, and those that are un-dyed and still hold the remarkable strength and character of the original design.

An unusual way to bring a touch of classic Persian design into an otherwise contemporary interior, overdye rugs are a bold style choice bringing traditional craft into the modern day.

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