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Advice 24.01.2018

Oriental carpet underneath a dining table – sin or style?

Oriental Carpet Under Dining Table

So…this is a question we get asked a lot…should one put a Persian or Oriental carpet or rug underneath a dining table? Isn’t it a waste of a good rug I hear you ask? Doesn’t the table just cover the whole rug?

Well, judging by one of our latest projects below (this above was a client in Edinburgh’s beautiful New Town) we think dining rooms are the perfect space for an Oriental carpet and this is why…

For generations, people have placed Oriental and Persian rugs below underneath tables for various reasons. Looking at the image above, this is a fine part silk Persian Bidjar (‘The King of Carpets’) and it clearly is a prominent feature in the room. It’s big enough to cover most of the floor space, but not overly large that it overwhelms the space. One clear consideration for putting a rug below a table is whether or not the chairs sit completely on the carpet. We would always encourage clients to choose a size that holds the entire table and chairs, with chairs pulled out too – otherwise guests may have trouble pulling the chair in beneath them.

Antique Persian Carpet Under Dining Table

The black field carpet above is an antique Persian Mahal carpet c.1900 and makes a striking addition to a contemporary dining space. Again, as you can see, each chair easily housed on the carpet with plenty of room to move in and out without ruffling up the carpet edge or guests having to bump their chair back onto the rug.

Afghan Carpet Under Dining Table

Above is a great example of where a light carpet can be used too. Sure, red wine and food spilling, etc is a risk, but even a darker carpet or the antique black carpet featured in the blog would suffer from a red wine spillage. The Afghan Sultanabad carpet above is a perfect example of where a gorgeous contemporary space can be beautifully balanced by a chic, classic, and decorative addition of an oriental rug. Note how the wooden floor borders the carpet well with the side table sitting just off and the occasional chair half on the rug and half off – bliss!

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So one to leave you with – the above is in Battersea, South West London and this is Bonnie the Boston Terrier. The rug is Saruq which is a Persian handmade rug made of wool pile and cotton warp and weft foundation. The blush pink is brilliantly visible through the legs of the table and the duck egg blue guard with an ivory border perfectly holds the table.

If you need an Oriental or Persian carpet or rug for your dining room and would like to see London’s largest collection, please do get in touch.

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