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Style 18.08.2020

Baluch Persian Prayer Rugs

Baluch Prayer Rugs

Divine Inspiration

At the London Persian Rug Company our clients often ask for smaller rugs with interesting design motifs. For briefs like these, nothing fits the bill better than a beautiful Persian Baluch prayer rug. Baluch rugs are named after the nomadic groups that live on the border between Iran and Afghanistan. This tribe has a rich and complex history, reflected in the patterns and play of colour that characterizes these unusual, genuine nomadic Persian rugs. The colours of Baluch (or Beluch) rugs are often on the darker end of the spectrum, with rusty reds, azure blues, and a medley of blacks and browns predominating. Patterns tend to be geometrical and decorative, with lively repeating forms. 

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Nomadic Spirituality

The Baluch are famous for their Persian prayer rugs, and we often suggest these for clients who are seeking something unusual and meaningful for their home. These small carpets are traditionally used to rest on during the daily call to prayer. They need to be easily carried and so are small in size, something that can be useful for rooms or corners of the home that need a small touch of interest. A Baluch prayer rug will often contain a minaret or mihrab, whose point is traditionally placed in the direction of Mecca. Persian Rugs like these can be a beautiful addition to an interior, bringing with them an interwoven story of the craft of rug-making and an echo of the spirituality of the Middle East. 

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Exquisite Craft

The workmanship of Baluch Persian rugs is some of the very best. With their smaller sizes and dense but tight weave they are of the highest nomadic quality, perfect for placing in smaller rooms such as studies, dressing rooms or cosy bedrooms and sitting rooms. One of our clients used their antique Baluch Persian rug to stunning effect by placing it in line with a west-facing window. A nod to the original purpose of the rug, while it’s faded palette harmonised the diverse features of the room. 

At LPRC we are dedicated to finding each of our clients the perfect Persian rug. If you are interested in sourcing a genuine Persian rug of the highest quality, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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