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It’s the start of Spring! – The Best Persian Rugs for Spring

Best Persian Rugs for Spring

It has been a long hard winter, and we are all in need of light, colour and joy. What better way to bring these elements into our homes than choosing a delightful Persian rug that sings with the abundant life of spring!

At the London Persian Rug Company we have hand selected a number of rugs whose colour, design and style perfectly fit the bill. As the days start to fill with light and we all come back to some kind of life, we think choosing a rug like a Kerman, Isfahan or Kashan is a wise move.


Kerman 370x296

Kerman rugs are known for their artistic flair and the extraordinary skill of their designs. Kerman is a desert city in Central Iran, and the colour and intricate floral patterns characteristic of these precious are thought to be a way of creating life and colour in a desert landscape in which flowers and plants rarely grow. 

Just what we need now!


Fine Persian Esfahan Rug


Another option is to go for an Isfahan (or Esfahan, as they are also known). Delicate and refined, Isfahan rugs are among the most luminous of all Oriental rugs. This is partly due to the quality of the lambswool, sometimes known as ‘kerke’, whose softness creates the perfect ground for the sensitive colour combination of their natural dyes. Often in pastel hues that create a light feel that will raise the calibre of any interior, Isfahan rugs have a delicacy that is much sought after by contemporary designers. 


Fine Persian Kashan Rug

Kashan rugs are some of the most traditional of Persian design. These rugs of the highest standard and display a crazy level of craftsmanship. With elaborate flourishes such as corner decorations, prayer arches, vase motifs, or repeating birds and flowers, they are full of life. The borders of a Kashan are always beautifully patterned, and while most are a dark red or blue, we have selected an unusual cream, duck-egg blue and moss green piece that lifts our spirits just looking at it.  

It is important for us all to remember that after winter comes the spring, and that things are getting better. What nicer way to celebrate this affirming truth than with a luxurious, handmade Persian rug. Built to stand the test of time (and testing times) a Persian rug will see you through many cycles of the seasons. 



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