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Aubusson Rugs

London Persian rugs: Aubusson Rugs

We have a wide selection of Aubusson Rugs here at The London Persian Rug Company, but not many people know what they are; let us enlighten you…

Aubusson is a town by the river Creuse in Central France, where in the 16th central, weavers from Flanders settled. The tapestries and rugs that cam jout of the area soon found fame around the world. They have pictoral designs, often depicting landscapes and hunting scenes. The industry still thrives today and has made it onto the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

The rugs are flat weave, highly decorative and often very colourful and suit a variety of interior styles.

Julian Schnabel’s Manhatten home Palazzo Chupi has Aubusson rugs in the bedrooms. They perfectly compliment his bold use of colour and large expressive paintings


The luxuriously elegant British Embassy in Paris is suitably fitted with a large red and gold Aubusson Rug.


A fawn Aubusson adorns the floor beneath a Damien Hirst butterfly painting and Maria Pergay bow seats in this glamorous living room.

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