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Is Older Better?

Antique Rugs or New Knots?

Choosing a Persian rug can be tricky. Apart from style, size, material and price, its also important to know how old a desired rug is.

In theory, antique equals better.

This is true, in some respects, but in others it can be advisable to choose a traditional handmade Persian rug that has been newly made. The important thing to remember is that every rug at The London Persian Rug Company is a genuine handmade original. The only difference is that some are older than others. No two Persian rugs will ever be exactly the same. The beauty of a hand made piece is that the signature of the weaver marks it as a one off, whether it was made yesterday or a hundred years ago.

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Wear and Tear
The craft of Persian rug making remains more or less unchanged. Knotted by hand from wool, each rug is a piece of craft that tells the story of the place and people who made it. While antique rugs carry the romance of the past, they are also more delicate and need to be treated with a slightly gentler touch than a newly made

Newly knotted and dyed rugs will have a vibrancy that is different to the after hues of antique rugs. Each carries a beauty all of its own, and it up to the client to choose which style is right for their room. All of our Persian rugs are dyed using 100% organic vegetable dyes. These colours change over time, becoming softer in tone. Antique rugs are priced for this very reason.

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Newly made rugs have a stronger foundation making them ideal for places that receive a lot of footfall. Antique rugs tend to be more supple, and are better placed in areas such as sitting rooms and bedrooms.

Whichever you choose, it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong. It is simply a matter of style.

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