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5 Rugs To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer!

We offer a large selection of luxury Persian rugs available to purchase in various designs, sizes and colours. With that being said, we’ve decided to make life simple for you this Summer, and select our top 5 handmade rugs to brighten up your home.

1. Pink Silk Kashmir

This powerful pink antique rug speaks volumes in it’s way of design and lively colour palette. We think this cherry blossom pink offers the ideal answer to adding some vibrancy to your room. The intricate design on this Oriental silk rug is something to be in awe of from the range of flowers hand knotted all over, to the striking pattern and diverse mix of colours. This rug acts as a talking point and would surely capture any observers attention.

Img 0609


2. Blue Ziegler 

This beautiful hand knotted Ziegler is the perfect Persian rug to complement your home this summer. Offering itself in ‘Sky Blue’ tones, complimented with cream floral patterning and bordering with minimal orange detailing. This luxury Persian rug reflects that of the sky on a Summers day. We think this rug would be paired perfectly in a room with other pastel colours or could offer a strong contrast to some darker green or blue furniture.

Img 0390

3. Modern Abstract

This is a rug we think would look stunning in a modern minimalist house, this designer rug offers itself as a piece of modern art. We believe the yellow and blue detailing could bring out the best in a kitchen/dining area or lounge. This is one of a selection of modern rugs we have to offer at London Persian Rug Company, if you desire something different to our more traditional range.

Img 0589

4. Rust Ziegler

Another Ziegler, what can we say, we’re a fan. This one however, presents itself in a warm, vibrant orange. You could argue this is an autumnal colour combination but regardless it’s a bright and cheerful addition to anyone’s home. The light blue detailing on the floral print, combined with the cream border and secondary colouring offers a wonderful contrast to that of the bold orange throughout. We think this rug would look great in a room with blues, orange, browns or creams.

Img 0595


5. Orange Kashmir

Finally we’re back with another fine handmade Kashmir silk rug, this time in orange. This rug features a stunning central motif, and a colour palette reflective of nature itself, using greens, blues, oranges and browns. This antique Kashmir is a vintage rug, hand knotted using fine hand spun silk, making it a very desirable luxury rug indeed.

Img 0585


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