Interiors 22.10.2019

Sultanabad Rugs

Sultanabad rugs are a specific style of Persian Rug from Arak in Iran, formerly known as Soltan Abad. They carry a distinctive design and are easily identifiable. They usually have an ‘all-over’ pattern and rarely a centrail diamond as you tend to find in Kashan and Nain rugs.

Sultanabad 294cm X 230cm 1417 1 (l)

These rugs became increasingly popular in the West in the second half of the 19th Century, so much so that in 1883, the Anglo-Swiss Company Ziegler & Co established a factory in Manchester dedicated soley to producing Sultanabads to meet high demands. The designs remained the same but the colours were softened to appeal to the Western palette. Sultanabads come in soft, muted, pastel colours such as beige and pale greens and blues. Not only were colours adapted but rug sizes changed to fit larger Western rooms. They were the first Persian rugs to be changed to bend to Western tastes.


They are an enduring and popular style of rug as they bring light to a room in what can sometimes be quite dark conditions in the UK. They suit modern environments as well as more traditional rooms as they carry less of a variety of colour and so blend very easily.


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