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Interiors 11.10.2019

Private House

We often get called out to refit an entire house with rugs after a beautiful refurbishment, this house is a particularly lovely example.

The family had spruced up a Victorian terraced home and dug up the basement to create a spectacular double height music room cum games room on the side facing the road and a beautiful light filled study with a glass ceiling looking up into the garden on the other side.

The tones of the house are neutral with accents of blue throughout, creating an elegant and calming home but also one that suits their two young keen footballer sons.

We helped pick out some rugs that would match the style of the house. Warm, neutral Sultanabads for the master bedroom and guest room as well as the landings. Thick, cosy Gabbeh rugs for the kids’ bedrooms and playroom (one went under the drum kit – it makes for great soundproofing!). Lastly two incredibly elegant pure silk Qums for the drawing room. They are striking rugs without being overpowering; their beautiful designs with central motifs draw the eye in, while their many subtle hues harmonize with other elements of the room.

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